Sevil Karadag

Sevil Karadag studied law at the VU University (Amsterdam) and graduated in 1997. After her studies she worked for the Immigration Police as an admission official. Sevil Karadag was sworn in as a lawyer in 2001. From 2000 to 2009 she worked as a senior lawyer at Everaert Advocaten Immigration Lawyers. In 2009 she founded her own law firm as an immigration law specialist. She assists small and large companies, institutions, and individuals in the field of immigration law and the related areas of law such as, nationality law and European law. Sevil Karadag has an extensive network of lawyers and can collaborate with other lawyers if desired. Sevil Karadag based on her experience and knowledge has the ability to analyse and advise complex situations faster than anyone.

Sevil Karadag has registered the legal area of immigration law in the register of legal areas (rechtsgebiedenregister) of the Netherlands Bar.

On the basis of this registration, she is obliged to obtain 10 training credits each calendar year in the field of immigration law accordance with the requirements of the Dutch Bar Association (Nederlandse orde van advocaten – Nova). Due to regularly developments and specialization courses, Sevil Karadag’s level of knowledge of immigration is high and up to date.

Memberships and positions

  • Raad voor Rechtsbijstand – RVR
  • Specialisten Verenging Migratierecht Advocaten – SVMA
  • Sevil Karadag also fulfils a board position. More information can be found on LinkedIn.

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